The Best Air Mattresses for Everyday Use


Hiking or last-minute nighttime sleeping bags are great for travelers, but a decent air cushion will also function well for night sleep. These animatronic sheets are suitable in tight areas and community settings. They can also be a price way to rest on a beautiful weekend. Some individuals may profit from a regular air mattress. Sleeping bags enable the stiffness to be adjusted such that people can pump up their beds according to their wishes. It is essential the type of pillow an individual sleeps on. The Institutions for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CDC) explains that in the United States, a third of Authority figures are less than the excellent sleep.

How to Buy

If you want the best air mattress for everyday use, you have to remember a few items while shopping.

Determine the Requirements

Consider the inspiration to purchase an air mattress. Perhaps it’s a short-term answer when you save frequent pillow money. Maybe you prefer the comfort and functionality of an inflatable mattress or hope to alleviate discomfort in your back. Whichever the cause, the “why” can allow you to decide the most important qualities.

Materials and Components

They look for sustainable materials like PVC and supporting interior fibers, soft cloth stuff on top, and building elements such as internal air belts and unsprung weight reservoirs. Personality pumps eliminate voluminous external components and allow inflation and deflation fast and effectively. Although many like a higher mattress height—simpler it’s to move in and out of the room.


You should find a decent air mattress to last for at most only several years with proper treatment. Ensure the air mattress is inflated when necessary for guidance and convenience, and keep metal knives away which may puncture the mattress. While several air mattresses have plastered suede leather on the upper surface of the material for warmth, cheap keeps clean.

Usage of an Air Mattress Every Day

There are a few advantages of a deep nap on an air mattress. Any studies Trusted source indicates that customized beds may facilitate sleep ease, consistency, and backbone coordination. The adaptability aspect is another benefit if you live in tight areas or are on the run because if you don’t use it, you have to fold up your tent. Eventually, the price range itself is an enormous advantage. You will sleep peacefully day after day for just under $200.

Air Mattress Disadvantages Every Day

Also, the best performing air cushion is exposed to penetration and leakage, and that no one needs to start waking up on a partial pad. With a few obvious exceptions, there are restricted contracts so that when leaks, you are on the leash to repair and replace your electric blanket. While consistency is qualitative, certain people would not like the sound of an air cushion regardless of how high the products are.


If you’re searching for an economical way to customize stiffness, or you need comfort in pinning your bed throughout the day, an air mattress may be a good choice for your daily usage. Please take into account your inspiration to purchase an airbed. Do your homework to locate one that meets your long-term requirements.

Couple Mattress for Side Sleeper from Savvysleeper.Org

Are you planning to move in with your partner? Are you planning to get a perfect mattress for you and your partner? Well, we have got you covered. In this guide, you will be getting a better idea of what kind of sleeping mattress would be the best for you and your partner. When you have to share your sleeping mattress with your better half, then you must make sure that the mattress is making you both feel comfortable. Since every individual has different requirements, choosing the best and most suitable sleeping mattress can be overwhelming. Before buying or finalizing a mattress, you need to understand what mattress would be the best for you both. 

If you and your partner sleep on your side, then visit Most of the people sleep on their sides. But if you and your partner don’t sleep on your sides, then you don’t need to worry. Because there are many mattresses in the market that are suitable for all kinds of sleepers. Factors to consider when purchasing a mattress are; 


There are two sizes available that can easily accommodate couples; queen-sized and king-sized. Now, if you have a good budget and a huge room, then a king mattress is the better option for you. King-sized mattresses give you enough space to sleep. But if you don’t have enough space to have a king-sized mattress, then queen-size mattresses are also available. Queen-sized mattresses are affordable, and they can easily fit in a small apartment room. Most couples prefer getting a queen-sized mattress as it is easy on the pocket and two people can sleep well on it. 

Type of sleepers: 

If you and your partner sleep on your side, then innerspring sleeping mattresses are the best option as they are bouncy and affordable, and they are responsive. One drawback of an innerspring mattress is that it is not motion isolated. This means that if your partner moves, then the whole mattress will move as well, which might disturb your sleep. Another option is the hybrid mattress. They are supposed to be suitable for all types of sleepers. They give the feeling of being cuddled. They are a little more costly than an innerspring mattress. Lastly, the memory foam mattresses are said to be the option of you have any back pain as it keeps the backbone aligned. And the best thing about foam mattresses is that they are motion isolated. This means that if you get bothered by the motion of your partner, then foam is the best option for you. 


If your partner likes to sleep on a soft mattress and you prefer sleeping on a firm mattress, then, in that case, you both must find common ground and buy a medium-firmed mattress. They are neither too hard nor too soft. This way, you and your partner can adjust themselves. Most couples prefer a medium-firm mattress because anyone can adjust on a medium firmed sleeping mattress. 

Best Budget Mattress of 2021 From


Because we all try and find them much more luxurious pillow, we may not be willing to spend a fortune on them. Believing anything or not is entirely possible than you would think to find a high-quality, low-cost pillow.

If you’re looking for the perfect luxury pillow under $300 or even under $1,500, with maybe a little homework as well as the correct pacing, you’ll be getting nice — and accessible — fantasies unless you knew it. Keep reading to know about both the best cheap pillows, which bed styles are perhaps the most economical, how to have the priciest pad for your sleeping place, and much more.After some search customer finds a best budget mattress of 2021 from

Mattress Basics

A pillow collection comprises five traditional functions that can be personalized based on the retailer and their different numbers. There are a few examples:

• Ticking can be used to protect the mattress’s exterior. Linen, linen, cotton, and polyester are some fabrics that can be used to make it.

• The sewing style used during checking and stuffing determines how smooth the stuffing looks on pillow tops, in broader patterns having the softest texture.


• On conventional bedding beds, the fabric is often used to support the right side, including its sheet. It could be inserted into another mattress’s surface or used as additional shock absorption, and that it can be packed with trans, acrylic, cotton, rubber, and other materials. The choices sold as the strongest pillow usually have wider duvet or gel intensities, explaining higher costs.


• The mattress’s interior protection layer. Customarily, innersprings are being used; however, memory foam, gel foam, silicone, and epoxy resin are still widely used.


• Box beds have been used to stabilize the mattress and distribute weight evenly. They are usually wrapped with much the same buzzing and can be marketed as a package. As opposed to organizations and industries, structures have sturdy tops and may be used as an alternative mattress.


Innerspring sheets’ borders frequently have stiffer surfaces formed by using foam or pads that are mounted closely together than in the centre. When citizens sometimes sit also on edge when changing or going out and into sleeping, this tends to prevent them from dragging on the ground or pulling back. None on the sides of high-quality hard plastic but latex.

Mattress Cover

The buzzing would most definitely be concealed by a pillow pad, covers, pillowcase, bed covering, or comforter 99 per cent of cases. Shades are unimportant when buying a kit; no one can see them. The pillow covering ought to be comfortable to wear to encourage ventilation, but it is unlikely to improve sleep duration significantly. Quality design, but on the other side, is essential.


Quilted pillow tops, for example, usually raise the price of a pillow package. These become fluffy and making the beds even cosier, but they are a place where spending plan consumers can still save space. At a lower cost, ordering a current model treadmill with a different headpiece can offer the same feeling of stability as the line’s the better cushion. Latex foam, silicone, and egg quart pillow toppers are all affordable. They are gentle and cosy, but they are not a substitute for a mattress.

Support Vs. Comfort In A Mattress

There are comfort layers or help layers in any mattress. The support structures in a cushion are intended to hold your body inside an ideal resting posture that respects the normal curvature to their spine and offers proper spinal alignment. To have a more supportive sleeping surface, stability layers are mounted on top, including its support center. For improved support, firm mattresses typically have less or thinner foam levels, whereas fluffy, or luxurious mattresses often also have or more challenging sheets of foam. A popular matt misconception would be that a hard bed is needed for proper support. It is not accurate. It is common to provide a smooth mattress that requires enough support for the body and a firm mattress that gives inadequate support.

Your unique sleeping criteria define the best assistance and relaxation layers. Your choice for a comfortable or hard bed is also influenced by your sleeping location, with stomach snorers favoring a firmer pillow, side sleepers favoring a softer mattress, or head campers preferring a good firmness mattress. The body is designed to quickly respond to any misalignment through sleep, regardless of whether you choose a medium, complex, or soft pillow. However, sleeping on the incorrect mattress can force your system to adjust more often during the period, resulting in joint pain throughout the day. And here are some items to think about before deciding if you want a hard or a comfortable mattress:

How Do You Know Whether You Need A Complex Or Soft Mattress?

The importance of support and mental in getting a good nap cannot be overstated. The neck, center back, but back muscles are all in harmony while our backbone is in its usual place. This ensures the lungs can draw up more oxygen, which increases airflow and alleviates muscle spasms. On the other side, poor coordination during rest stops the brain from calming, resulting in not just less nap but also a negative feeling as you wake up. Choosing a bed that is not either rugged or too comfortable for your particular sleep preference is critical to ensuring you get the best sleep possible every night. After clicking the link, you will be brought to a page where you can read more about full size mattress dimensions in inches.

So, What Is The Big Thing With Hard Mattresses?

While there are fields of thinking who advocate for either a comfortable and a hard mattress, psychology usually agrees that the above is the better solution. When it refers to your skin relaxing while sleeping, your bones must provide some resistance. Instead of depending on your arms, a firmer bed forces your bones to sustain your body as you sleep. It causes the muscles to calm and tends to increase circulation. Therefore, your lower back is reluctant to sink and fold onto the mattress, which will help prevent knee problems.

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Sleeping On A Softer Mattress?

Although a firmer bed offers more strength and protection for your joints, a lighter mattress will give you lots of the comfort you have to sleep soundly at night. Softer beds are usually better for back wall sleepers since they adhere to the knees and the neck, giving adequate comfort.

What Are The Different Memory Foam Types?

Robinsons Beds mattress shots for PR and website.

Classic memory foam, open-cell memory foam, or gel-infused memory foam are the three main varieties. Let’s take a glance at the benefits and pitfalls of all these solutions.

Traditional Mattress:

We’ve been dreaming about conventional memory foam up to now. By conforming to the anatomy, it enables a restful night’s sleep. One of the most common complaints, something we’ll go over in more detail in a later paragraph, is that it retains heat energy, making sleeping in hot weather uncomfortable. The other two forms of memory foam are produced to fix this issue.

Open Cell Foam:

Open-cell foam has different physical properties than traditional memory foam. Open-cell memory foam makes for further air circulation within the mattress and tends to carry heat from its surroundings as you sleep.

Gel Foam:

Gel memory foam, also known as gel-infused foam mattresses, is memory foam that has been infused with gel and comes in two varieties. The first is a type of heat-absorbing material. Consider it as an ice pack that you’d keep in your refrigerator. The other sort is what’s regarded as phase-changing content. By consuming and releasing gas, this substance helps to control your body temperature while you sleep.

In comparison, the gel plastics in gel-infused foam mattresses will potentially help to improve the mattress’s density. However, if there aren’t enough poured into it, they will cause it to decay more quickly.  The most comfortable mattresses are gel foam mattresses because it makes you feel relaxed while sleeping.

Memory Foam Marketing: What It Is And What It Isn’t:

Any memory foam manufactures claim that all of their materials are the same. They say that memory foam is memory foam and that there is little distinction between the two types. This is meant to reassure you that you may not need to browse around for multiple forms of memory foam. This type of marketing should not be made lightly. Memory foam mattresses come in several shapes and sizes, each having its collection of features. Before deciding whether to purchase, you would need to shop around for just what would better meet your needs.

Memory foam is so much denser than regular foam, as previously discussed. Such forms are often more firm than others. If you do have back pain or need additional care while sleeping, this could be the better option. The gel is used to infuse some forms of foam. The capacity of gel-infused foam mattresses to retain body temperature away from the man lying in bed is greater. As a consequence, the room would be colder and more relaxing to sleep in.

It is critical to fit each person with both the style of bed that they prefer. Simply claiming that “one size fits all” is not an efficient way to sell to the general population. If this is how the promotion is done, people will not get the product they’ll need. Each brand of memory foam mattress must be clarified to the consumer to be conscious of what they are buying. After all, decent beds are intended to last a long time. An investment of this size should be produced for all of the information available.

The Best Mattress that Provide Comfort


When users order online for a pillow, you might find it challenging to determine which pillow is right for you. There are many choices, but it is not always straightforward to decide which colours always seem to be the best of the rose.

We also researched and tested thousands of colours to make the experience easier for you, chiselling them around to our favourites. Our staff of product specialists has several years of expertise evaluating and studying all kinds of pillows, fabrics and developments in the field of mattresses. We build on the perspectives of a large set of campers inside our research team and a series of experiments and innovations to assessing the feeling and performance of various cushions for all styles of individuals. To get first hand information about the best online mattress, visit this site:

What Are The Most Luxurious Mattress Types?

If you’re happy, choosing a mattress is profoundly private and because of things like your form and favourite place to sleep. E.g., a back sleeper weighing more than 230 lbs will typically choose a much firmer cushion than a person weighing only about 130 pounds and sleeping on her side.

In the near term, but over many or perhaps even weeks, cushions will even sound cosy, finding it impossible to select the correct mattress without staying on. Rather than depending on its own “pleasant” sense, consumers can increase the security awareness of what the mind craves before purchasing a new mattress. It helps you pick a sleeping sample mattress, so it helps you to use quintuple your fresh mattress until you buy it.

What Are the Perfect Side Sleeping Mattresses?

Most sleepers choose foam, memory foam or mixed colours for their sides. Side sleepers are likely to grow hip and shoulder trigger points, finding it impossible to sleep or cause discomfort and soreness the following morning.

Mattresses with the over positive pressure curvature against such possible tension points, independent of the pillow’s total firmness degree, provide comfort and protection to lateral campers. Although not all combination fabric or mattress pads reduce the pressure enough even for added comfort, they do far more potent in this group than in-spring or latex beds.

What Are The Perfect Back Pain Cushions?

The firmest mattress for chronic problems is one that maintains the proper spinal balance and respects both your form of body and your ideal sleep location. Ensure particular cushions are joint for back pain patients; a perfect model for one individual might make the next day someone feel worse.

Some aspects seem to be widely appreciated by people with back pain—these involve lower back support, adjustable camped structural components and robust board support. The stress-relieving virtues of a cushion must also be considered better sleep with shoulder or upper back pain until purchasing. The preliminary analysis can contribute to tension in those regions.

What Are The Most Powerful Hot Sleeping Mattress?

Those who sleep hot should take care to buy a mattress or silicone. Excluding foam support layers, internal cushions have the most incredible temperature stability due to their high ventilation. Rubber is inherently weather-sensitive and retains much night-round cooler than plastic moulds.

Latex hybrids may be much better because pocket-coils deliver ventilation in the same manner as innerspring. Search for a fabric combination with thermal management mechanisms if you prefer to experience artificial moisture – such as hard plastic. They are colder than a mattress or latex, but they also provide more temperature stability than a traditional all-foam mattress.

Why You Should Buy An Eco-Friendly Mattress

We’re all about drinking vegan protein shakes every day. Still, whether you’re adamant about leading a healthier, cleaner, and less chemical-laden lifestyle, it’s time to try getting an eco-friendly bed. They are more expensive than that of the low-cost label at the nearest mattress shop. However, the cost of the right bed that is already eco-friendly is well justified. Here are some of the reasons why you can buy an Echo-compatible mattress. Get more information about the best memory foam mattresses by clicking this link

The Problem With Traditional Mattresses

The bulk of traditional mattresses are constructed of synthetic fabrics and polyethylene resin, all produced by petroleum. However, since the significant conventional marketers aren’t necessarily screaming it off the top of buildings, most people remain unaware that these products are usually laced with noxious chemicals. The petroleum utilized in polyurethane production could produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a category of pollutants that involves formaldehyde, benzene, including naphthalene. Sensitivity to VOCs, as per the EPA, will result in:

  • Irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat
  • Migraines
  • Vomiting
  • More severe problems include lack of balance, kidney and liver injury, and harm to the central nervous system

In reality, once the writer of Safe Sleep inside a Toxic World had a traditional mattress screened for toxins, the lab findings revealed 61 separate VOCs. Toxic chemicals are still a problem. Although petroleum-based beds are highly combustible, they must be handled with industrial fire retardants such as PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers). Unsurprisingly, PBDEs aren’t any better than the contaminants they’re meant to defend toward. In reality, they have the potential to disrupt your gland and mind, particularly among children.

The degree to which such chemicals influence you is defined by your problem. But, whereas the typical citizen does not have the same negative consequences as anyone exposed to contaminants in the workplace (such as some factory workers), we all waste about one-third of our existence sleeping. Don’t you think it’s sensible to maintain your sleeping space as safe as necessary because now you understand?

Why Are Eco-Friendly Mattresses Healthful?

As a result, traditional mattresses are laced with fuel and fire repellents. Not quite the sort of thing you’d like to sleep eight hours per night lying in. Environmentally beds, on the opposite side are free of dubious material. They are traditionally manufactured from natural products such as plant-based polymers, sustainable cotton and wool, soybean oil, and palm acorns. And, indeed, no one has ever learned of cotton or palm suffering central nervous harm? We didn’t believe so. Furthermore, these compounds are far less combustible by nature than the petrol-based equivalents. This eliminates the desire for harmful fire retardants, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

And What About The Price?

Real, nearly all eco-friendly furnishings are more expensive than their traditional equivalents for a worthwhile purpose. When you purchase green decor, you’re asking for better-quality, organic fabrics rather than manufactured ones and environmentally responsible production methods. Because, in many cases, the manufacturers are located straight here within the United States, ensuring that the employees who create your merchandise are paying a livable wage. However, it is essential to see an eco-friendly bed—or other eco-friendly furnishings expenditure with significant long-term effects. Maybe not for your wellbeing (consider the decreased toxic pollution!), however, even for the planets in the solar system.

All about Mattress in a Box

What’s A Mattress In A Box?

Any model of an online brand of mattress compressed into a box for delivery is called “bedding in a box” or “mattress in a box.” It is also possible to use the word “bed in a bag.” These mattresses are similar in building and efficiency to models sold in brick and mortar stores. Pricing is the most significant difference. Online brands are subject to lower overhead costs since many (if there are) physical stores do not run or hire retailers, leading to a lot cheaper mattresses in a box than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

It is reasonably easy to prepare a mattress for shipment in a pack. The mattress is compressed using a massive press, plastically wrapped in a cylindrical form. This method – also called “roll packaging” – reduces the mattress to a much more compact size, enabling it to fit in a typical ground delivery package.

A common misunderstanding among consumers is that roller packing permanently damages the mattress. The mattresses in a box are still built to be highly durable. The layers extend until the bed reaches its complete intended form when the plastic covering is removed. In one to two days without any damage, the foams, coils, and other components should recover entirely. For further information on the mattress in a box visit savvysleeper.


There are various online brand shops other than brick-and-mortar dealers for a mattress brand to consider. They are as follows:

Lower Prices: Matrasses in the box appear to be comparatively cheap compared to models sold in shops, as stated earlier, which is primarily because of the higher overhead costs for brick and mortar brands, which have to work physically and hire a great many sales workers.

Easier to Buy: Online mattress purchases can be finished with a few clicks of the mouse, and no shop visit is needed. Online shopping can be beneficial for rural people.

No Sales Personnel: Most makers in brick and mortar magazines hire commissioned salespeople. These workers are familiar with products and also helpful information sources for customers. However, some clients are a little too pushy for mattress sales workers. Online brands also offer live video chat with customer services, but shoppers can access the website and ask questions without salespeople being under pressure. The consumer can also compare various brands and models on most mattress sites with detailed product specs and photos.

Free Delivery: Mattresses can be delivered free of charge by FedEx, USPS, and other ground couriers through the compression process. Online brands typically offer free shipping in the neighboring USA, extending to clients in Alaska, Hawaii, the US, and Canada. A limited number of online brands sell a White Glove shipment free of charge, which involves in-home installation and old mattresses removal.

Sleep Trials: Many customers are scared they have tried to buy a mattress. Customers will test a range of models in brick and mortar shops. However, a couple of minutes’ lying on the mattress can not accurately illustrate the way the bed feels overnight. Many online brands provide sleep tests, enabling consumers to monitor a mattress for a certain period, determine if the mattress is held, return it for compensation, or swap it (if available) for another model. Most sleep trials last for at least 90 nights, and some last for up to one year.

Talking to a healthcare provider to rule out any medical causes is always a good idea, particularly if you continue to toss and turn instead of having the shut-eye quality.

Types And Textures Of King Size Mattresses:

Snoring, spinning, flipping, or wrap from either a companion will be avoided with a wider mattress. If you’ve determined that a king-size bed is perfect for you, you’ll need to find out how many sorts of mattress clients prefer. The types of king size beds and measurements of the most popular king-size mattresses are mentioned below.


A historically formed king is one size bigger than a queen, with an extra 16 inches of space for sleepers. A regular king mattress is the same size as comparable amazing XL mattresses put together, measures 76 through 80 inches.

The Eastern King:

A regular king is 76 inches in diameter by 80 inches high, and a western king is merely a generic term for a standard king.

California King:

The width and length are the only differences between a California kingdom and a conventional king. California kings are 84 inches long and 72 inches high, making them suitable for people who are particularly tall or like having more rooms.

Split King:

A split king mattress, also known as a dual king mattress, comprises two different parts rather than one. Each piece is approximately the size of a twin mattress. Making a king bed and two other mattresses enables each partner can have their room, which can be modified for firmness level and modified, while also staying next to their partner.

What Are all the Results of a King Mattress?

Individuals and families contemplating a king often discuss whether a king is potentially costly and whether a queen would be sufficient. It would be easier for you to make an educated decision if you understand the fundamental distinctions between them. The average queen mattress is 60″ x 80″, while the average king mattress is 76″ x 80″. A queen needs a space that is at least 10’x12′ in size, and a king requires another room that is at least 10’x14′ in length, not including other bedroom furniture. In particular, queens are perfect for singles and couples that don’t need a lot of sleeping space. For people who want the most private sleeping room, kings are normally the best choice.

If cost is a problem, bear in mind that, although a king is usually more costly than a queen, there are several affordable options. Both a king and a queen mattress are commonly available in a range of types and at several sale prices so that you can find a high-quality bed in all sizes at a fair price.

When couples learn that even a king is like a foot longer than a queen, space size becomes a big concern. Interior designers suggest that you leave two inches of space to three sides of the bed, but this is the bare minimum. You’ll need more rooms if you choose to add a closet, nightstands, as well as other furniture.

The option between a king and a queen mattress is largely a question of personal choice. If your sleep alone, a queen size bed is a fantastic option that will save you space in your home. If you’ve been sleeping with your spouse in a queen bed for many years and feel that your sleep is being disturbed for some reason, moving to a king bed might help you get more good sleep and increase your overall health.

Impact of A Mattress on Sleep

Robinsons Beds mattress shots for PR and website.

Every day, you spend about a third of your time in bed. If you spend your time blissfully sleeping or tossing and turning is largely determined by your mattress. The network of fine blood vessels under your skin, known as capillaries, is one way in which your mattress affects your sleep. When you lay down for a prolonged period on some part of your body, the weight limits blood flow into certain blood vessels, depriving the skin of oxygen and nutrients. Pain receptors in your skin send a signal towards your brain telling you to turn over. It disrupts your sleep for a few moments. A bed that helps you and relieves stress and pressure point is considered as the ideal for getting a better night’s sleep. However, each person’s perfect mattress is special. Moreover, savvysleeper is an organization that gives every detail about desired mattresses.

Which Mattress Is Right for You

Finding the best mattress isn’t about looking for the most technologically advanced brand or investing the most money. A bed that is much more costly does not always indicate that it is better. The products that go into the mattress and the advertisement that helps sell it contributes to the high price tag. Consider what you want in a mattress rather than the price or the brand name. Choosing a mattress is a very personal choice. Some people prefer firmer mattresses, while others prefer softer ones. While there isn’t any clinical evidence to suggest that one type of mattress can help you sleep better than another, people with certain medical conditions tend to sleep better on certain mattress types. If you sleep on a bed that is somewhat too soft, you can fall to the floor. However, a bed that is too hard puts too much strain on the head’s sacrum, shoulders, and back.


A medium-firm mattress, or one with a softer pillow cover, can provide the “just-right” combination of support and cushion for your spine. If you need to sleep with your head up, an adjustable bed might be a good investment. Elevating the head is often recommended by doctors to help people with COPD breathe better or avoid GERD-related nighttime heartburn. According to Levy, these beds allow you to enjoy every position that you desire to sleep on, which relieves sore joints. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you might have considered purchasing a “hypoallergenic” bed. Invest in a washable mattress encasing instead of an allergy-free mattress. It will provide a barrier that will keep dust mites away from you. By depriving dust mites of their food source, a mattress encasing reduces allergen growth. What about those tens of thousands-of-money space-age memory foam mattresses? While there is some evidence that they can help with back problems and improve sleep, the difference between them and a standard coil mattress is minimal. If you have an enthusiastic bed buddy who keeps you awake, memory foam mattresses will help you sleep. Foam mattresses limit motion transfer, allowing you to remain still as your partner turns and tosses.