Couple Mattress for Side Sleeper from Savvysleeper.Org

Are you planning to move in with your partner? Are you planning to get a perfect mattress for you and your partner? Well, we have got you covered. In this guide, you will be getting a better idea of what kind of sleeping mattress would be the best for you and your partner. When you have to share your sleeping mattress with your better half, then you must make sure that the mattress is making you both feel comfortable. Since every individual has different requirements, choosing the best and most suitable sleeping mattress can be overwhelming. Before buying or finalizing a mattress, you need to understand what mattress would be the best for you both. 

If you and your partner sleep on your side, then visit Most of the people sleep on their sides. But if you and your partner don’t sleep on your sides, then you don’t need to worry. Because there are many mattresses in the market that are suitable for all kinds of sleepers. Factors to consider when purchasing a mattress are; 


There are two sizes available that can easily accommodate couples; queen-sized and king-sized. Now, if you have a good budget and a huge room, then a king mattress is the better option for you. King-sized mattresses give you enough space to sleep. But if you don’t have enough space to have a king-sized mattress, then queen-size mattresses are also available. Queen-sized mattresses are affordable, and they can easily fit in a small apartment room. Most couples prefer getting a queen-sized mattress as it is easy on the pocket and two people can sleep well on it. 

Type of sleepers: 

If you and your partner sleep on your side, then innerspring sleeping mattresses are the best option as they are bouncy and affordable, and they are responsive. One drawback of an innerspring mattress is that it is not motion isolated. This means that if your partner moves, then the whole mattress will move as well, which might disturb your sleep. Another option is the hybrid mattress. They are supposed to be suitable for all types of sleepers. They give the feeling of being cuddled. They are a little more costly than an innerspring mattress. Lastly, the memory foam mattresses are said to be the option of you have any back pain as it keeps the backbone aligned. And the best thing about foam mattresses is that they are motion isolated. This means that if you get bothered by the motion of your partner, then foam is the best option for you. 


If your partner likes to sleep on a soft mattress and you prefer sleeping on a firm mattress, then, in that case, you both must find common ground and buy a medium-firmed mattress. They are neither too hard nor too soft. This way, you and your partner can adjust themselves. Most couples prefer a medium-firm mattress because anyone can adjust on a medium firmed sleeping mattress.